Carlisle Fairgrounds

1000 Bryn Mawr Rd.

Carlisle, PA 17013

Enter through K Street entrance, Gate 3 - Please consider carpooling!


1st place "Pilot" awards will be presented to top male and female finishers in each age group.

10 & under, 11-17, 18-29, 30-39, 40-49, 50-59, 60+

The 5K Challenge is designed for age groups 11 and up.

If you do not stay to pick up your award, there will be a $5 fee to have it mailed to you.

All participants in the 5K walk/run and 5K Challenge will receive a participation award. 

Is this a timed event?

Yes.  It will be chipped timed.

Can I walk?

Run, walk, skip or joggle… it’s up to you! A lot of participants run and many participants walk the entire course.

Do I have to do the obstacles in the 5K Challenge?

The 5K walk/run and the 5K Challenge are two separate events. If you signed up for the 5K walk/run, then you will bypass the obstacles/challenge stations that are set up along the course.

If you signed up for the 5K Challenge, you will need to stop at each station and complete the challenge before continuing on.


The event will start rain or shine, though delays could occur due to weather conditions. In extreme cases beyond anyone's control the event could be cancelled.  For safety reasons, the on-course and finish line may be modified or eliminated in the event of rain.

Can I run with my iPod or music device?

Sure. But it is each participant’s responsibility to make sure that they do not impair their ability to hear, see, sense, and detect present or potential hazards and dangers. Safety of event participants comes first.

Can I participate with my dog?

This is a family friendly event and dogs are part of families. Good natured pets are welcomed, but please bring your pooper scooper. We need to keep the Fairgrounds clean as they prepare for other upcoming events.

Can I participate with a stroller?

Strollers are permitted for walkers only.

Will there be water for participants on the course?

There will be one water station located about half way through the course. Feel free to run with your own water as well.

If at any time you are in need of assistance throughout the event please notify a volunteer or course monitor. The event will start rain, snow or shine.