5K Challenge Stations 2019

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Are you ready for a cut above a regular 5K run? Then join us for the 5K Challenge. Don't worry, this is not like Spartan or a Big Mudder course. Nothing too crazy. The 5K Challenge will consist of 12 challenge stations along the 5K course. Kirk Ream from Transformation Training and Fitness has crafted these stations for all fitness levels. They are fun, challenging (of course) AND doable. Stations involving weight will have scaled versions for Men, Women and Children. Below are brief descriptions of the challenges in the Semperfit challenge course.

1. Low Crawl – Get low....real low. Crawl under the ropes for a distance (determined by us) just like the Marines do it. Don’t worry we’ll leave out the barbwire and machine gun fire.

2. Bag o' Water – As if you had nothing else better to do, how 'bout hanging out with a bag of water. Fun stuff!

3. Pull...Pull – Have you ever sat down and pulled a big tire (attached to a rope) up a hill? Now you have.

4. Easy Does It – What If there was a big piece of PVC pipe half filled with water and you had to carry it while balancing on a 4” piece of wood. Sounds fun right? There’s only one way to find out.

5. Bear Crawl – Does a bear sh..., I mean crawl in the woods? Yes they do. And so will you at station #5.

6. Keep It Up – Grab a 2x4 (or two) carry it for a bit...overhead. Get the idea?

7. Pick ‘em up – Get those knees up and through the tires, you are over halfway done!

8. Drag Race – Remember the tires you pulled up the hill? Now it’s time to drag them behind you for a bit. It’s not that far....

9. Carry On – 5 gallon buckets filled with water can get heavy after a while.

10. Get up – Get Down – Climb over, Duck under...repeat. Again...and again

11. Burpees – Enough said

12. PT Test – Perform 4 exercises for the right amount of reps and you are on your way to the finish line.